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Sandy Feet Vacation Rentals

Sandy Feet Vacation Rentals provides both management for owners of vacation homes and a wide range of rental options for customers to book! We offer full coverage over the setup process for new rentals under our management, as well as handling all maintenance issues and even a full renovation on run-down properties, through BalticDuo remodeling. Our vacation rentals have all necessities to provide the perfect vacation!

Our Rentals 

Book and save by reserving your vacation rental through our website at! We have a variety of vacation rentals you can book today to plan your perfect vacation!

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Sandy Feet VR works alongside vacation rental owners to make managing your homes easy and profitable! Our company values all owners, helps keep your homes inviting, and will provide everything needed to set up your rental for booking. If you work with us, you will discover an adept company that consists of a premium full-service vacation rental management. 

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